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Styling Tutorials for Men

One of the most frequent questions we get behind the chair is how to style men's hair. While we are always thrilled to help our clients look their best, we thought that you all might benefit from some general men's styling advice!

First: Face Shape Matters

When looking for the perfect hairstyle, face shape is so important to setting you up for success! Check out this infographic to learn which cut suits your shape.

Second: Learn Styling Fundamentals

Do you know how (and when) to use a blow dryer? Do you know your gels from your clays and texture sprays? Do you know how to use them? If not, click here for a Pinterest board with in-depth styling tutorials for men.

Third: Buy (and use!) Great Product

Wash-and-wear is mostly a myth (yes, even for men). We recommend these products to set and preserve your style all day:

Gels (typically used for shine and hold ; applied while hair is damp):

Aquage Straightening Ultragel is primarily used for blow-dry straightening difficult to manage curly or frizzy hair. It can also be used on towel-dried hair for control and hold.

Loma Firm Hold Gel is a high-hold, high-shine gel for wet or dry application.

Mousses (typically used with a blow-dryer for lift and hold, great for thickening):

Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse is a lightweight product with serious thickening power. Using their patented PBAE molecule (learn more here), this mousse makes hair appear several times thicker and is great for vertical styling.

ELEVEN I Want Body Volume Foam is a lightweight, easy-to-use foam mousse for volume, texture, and hold. A little goes a VERY long way with this bad-boy, so don't overpump!

Waxes, Pomades, and Clays (used for wet-styling or texturizing dry hair, usually sold in tubs):

ELEVEN Slick Hold Styling Pomade is pliable with strong hold and high sheen. Apply pomades wet and shape into preferred style; allow to air dry.

ELEVEN Dry Powder Volume Paste is a reworkable texture paste for root lift and a natural finish. Good for messy, textured styles.

MITCH Reformer is a thickening putty that is used for volume and texture on fine or thin hair. Use this product sparingly for best results.

Living Proof Amp Texture Volumizer is a lightweight styling cream for light hold and volume. Best used with a blow-dry and brush for a softly textured finish.

Loma Fiber Putty is a great product for high-hold, high-lift hairstyles. Fiber can be tough to work with at first, but it can't be beat for texture and high hold!

Enjoy Molding Paste is a soft, creamy product best used with heat styling for a soft, touchable finish and light hold.

Still have questions? Book an appointment today to find the hairstyle and styling routine that works best for you!

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