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What's a Beach Wave Perm (and Should You Get One)?

You may have heard some beauty buzz about a new trend in effortless, I-woke-up-like-this hair: beach wave perms. We're here to break down exactly what that means and if it's right for your hair type and texture (and your style goals).

How is a beach wave perm different from a regular perm?

Beach wave perms are still permanent wave services, but they typically use milder solution and the hair is wrapped on large boomerang rods (optimal for creating a style that's more gorgeous waves and less poodle chic). There are alternate methods of perming (including Olaplex perms and digital perms), but at Changes we use standard perm solution and focus on varying the ways we wrap the hair to achieve optimal results.

What hair types and textures could benefit from a beach wave perm?

Essentially, beach wave perms are about achieving more texture and uniform wave than is achievable naturally. Ideal hair types are fine and very healthy, normal and heavy/limp, or mildly textured with uneven wave.

Aren't perms still very damaging to hair?

While perms can certainly cause major damage to the hair if used improperly, modern stylists are able to use gentler perm solutions and more tailored wrapping methods to preserve the integrity of the hair. That being said, any perm is obviously a permanent chemical alteration of the hair shaft, and we recommend you continue to focus on making sure the hair has adequate protein and moisture to preserve hair health.

Okay, but really: how much daily styling is still involved to achieve those effortless, beachy waves?

Good catch! While a beach wave perm will aid your natural texture, you will still almost certainly have to use some product to make sure you keep your look at undone chic instead of unsightly poof (particularly in this southern humidity). No texture service is a complete replacement for styling, but wave perms are as close as you can get for adding texture.

How much should I expect to pay and how often should I expect to come in to refresh my beach wave perm?

At Changes Hair Studio, our perm services start at $85 and always include a haircut and style. Beach Wave Perms are permanent, but due to new growth you will likely have to have a perm service 2-3 times per year. For more specific information, please contact the studio at 251-626-4646.

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