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Trending Now: Color Melts, Copper Hair, and Curls

It's about to be Fall, which means it's time for pumpkin spice, Halloween, and a hair trend update from your trusted hairstylists here at Changes Hair Studio! We hope you fall in love with some of these looks. As always, contact us at the studio at 251-626-4626 to book.

Color Melting: A Balayage Update

This year, we are seeing a softer form of the "balayage" trend, which is called color melting. This is a beautiful, blended way to introduce some depth and dimension in your look (and extend time until your next maintenance appointment, yay!). Another benefit of color melting is that it allows your stylist to customize your highlights even more than usual. Take a peek at this gorgeous melt by our very own Michelle Fulton.

Copper Hair: An Autumnal Staple

Some things just never get old. A gorgeous, dimensional copper tone is one of those things. This year's look is less solid and more dimensional than in the past, but it still packs a pumpkin spice punch. Check out this look by stylist Candy Saxon if you're looking for inpsiration!

Curls, Curls, Curls : A Trend That's Here to Stay

Curls and texture have been trending for a few years now. They have changed a little over that time, but texture is still king (for now). If you struggle with making this messy, loose curl work for you, check out some tutorials (like this one for wanded curls or this one for flat-ironed waves, both from Living Proof). And don't forget to ask your stylist at your next appointment if you still can't get it right! These waves from Jami Gentry are one of our most requested looks, and we would love to help you out! If you're already a pro at the curl game, remember that Autumn is a chance to try something new--experiment with only waving parts of your hair or changing the tools you use to find that sexy, effortless look that's all you.

That's your trend update for Fall! Check out our Pinterest page for even more looks! What trends do you hope to see come around? Let us know!

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