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Service Spotlight: Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment

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Today we're talking about a couple of services in the Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy line, including the Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment and the Express Blow Out.

What is a keratin smoothing treatment for, exactly?

Keratin smoothing treatments are used to tame frizz and give a smooth, sleek appearance the hair. They work by essentially filling and encapsulating the cuticle of the hair shaft to smooth down individual strands of hair. This makes hair smoother and more manageable, which allows you to manipulate your hair less and prevent damage (which promotes growth!).

Which treatment is right for me?

There are several different smoothing treatments offered by Keratin Complex, but we specialize in the Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment and the Express Blow Out. The service that's right for you will depend on your desired result, schedule, lifestyle, budget, and maintenance goals.

Express Blow Out

The Express Blow Out is ideal for clients who:

  • Are looking mostly to tame frizz instead of achieving maximum smoothness

  • Don't have a ton of time to spend in the salon (this process only takes about 2 hours)

  • Live a more active lifestyle (the waiting period to put hair up, shampoo, or otherwise disturb the hair is 8 hours with this service)

  • Are on a tighter budget (this service starts at $120)

  • Can schedule more frequent maintenance services (this services lasts about 6 weeks)

Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment (and Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment for Blondes)

This is our premium smoothing service, and it is best used by clients who:

  • Are seeking maximum smoothness, shine, and manageability

  • Can spend longer amounts of time in the salon (this service takes about 2.5-3 hours)

  • Live a more laid-back lifestyle (hair cannot be put up, shampooed, or otherwise disturbed for 72 hours after treatment)

  • Have a higher budget (this service starts at $250)

  • Are seeking to space out maintenance appointments (this service lasts about 6 months)

What kind of upkeep will I have to do?

In addition to adhering to the required waiting period before disturbing your hair, we require that you use a high-quality, sulfate free shampoo after your Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy service because it's vital to maintaining your treatment. Also, please be advised that lightening services used after your treatment is in will cause the treatment to dissolve sooner. None of these keratin smoothing services are permanent, but good upkeep on your part will help you get the most value for the service of your choice.

What if I'm still curious about whether Keratin Complex is the right smoothing line for me?

You don't have to take our word for it! Check out these reviews* from real clients just like you!

(*the advice given in these videos is not endorsed by Changes Hair Studio, but we thought the reviewers' experience with the Keratin Complex Smoothing services were informed and comprehensive enough to be valuable to our clients.)

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