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Rainbow Hair Care FAQs

Summer is a great time to experiment with bold and bright colors, and many of our clients have chosen to do just that! We hope these tips will help you get the most life out of your temporary vivid haircolor.

Q: Why do bright colors fade so quickly in the first place?

A: The same thing that makes bright fashion colors appealing (they're fun and you can change them with very little commitment!) also makes them difficult. Most bright hair colors are either temporary (washing out in 1-3 shampoos) or semi-permanent (fading within 2-3 weeks). These colors basically stain the outer cuticle of your hair instead of penetrating into your hair shaft to permanently alter pigment, so fading will absolutely happen. Pastel colors are especially temporary, since the pigment is so diluted and sheer.

Q: Isn't there any way to make these colors last longer?

A: Absolutely!Try to shampoo only a couple of times a week, using a high-quality dry shampoo in between (like Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo, which actually cleans the hair). Shampooing less often, in cold water, and with sulfate-free shampoo (like R+Co's Gemstone Color Shampoo) will prolong vivid colors. Additionally, try not to use heat-styling on vibrant hair and try to keep it out of chlorinated water (consider coating hair with a thick hair mask like R+Co's Palm Springs Pre-shampoo Treatment to protect your hair from both the pool and UV rays while also nourishing it).

Q: Will getting a bright fashion color damage my hair?

A: While bright colors themselves usually just sit on top of the hair, most hair will have to be pre-lightened to give the most long-lasting, vivid results. Lightening the hair can be drying, but your stylist will consult with you to make sure any damage is minimal. Using nourishing products at home (like Living Proof's Restore Mask Treatment) to care for your hair both before and after having a bright color applied will help prevent any permanent damage to your hair.

To book an appointment or consult with a stylist at Changes Hair Studio, please call us at 251-626-4626.

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