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Transitional Trend: Root Smudge

Root Smudge

If, like most people, you've spent your summer getting your hair progessively lighter (either naturally from the sun or from getting highlights in our studio), you might be feeling a little too bright and beachy for the coming fall season. If you're looking for a new look without losing the light ends you've worked so hard to achieve, then root smudging is a beautiful way to add some dimension for fall (and stretch out your color maintenance for the busy season).

What it is:

Root smudging (also called root stretching) is a technique that usually uses a demi-permanent (naturally fading, generally translucent) color to "melt" your natural hair color into previously highlighted hair, creating a softer and more dimensional look to the hair.

How to make root smudging look best for the

Summer-Fall transition:

To make root smudging really work for you this time of year, we recommend using a lowlight tone as your smudge shade. In the photo above, Jami used Andi's lowlight color to both tone down her highlights at the root and to add serious dimension. We love this technique with warmer fall shades, also!

How to know if it's right for you:

Root smudging works best with hair that has been previously highlighted. If you're unsure if root smudging is right for you, but you're looking for some Autumn dimension, then definitely book a consultation with your stylist at Changes Hair Studio and we will help you make the right choice for you! For inspiration, check out our root smudge pinterest board.

To book a consultation, please call Changes Hair Studio at 251-626-4626

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